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1. WWOOF-ing experience West of Chengdu, Sichuan, China

We startet our journey three and a half months ago and we’ve seen so many different places, met nice people and got so much interesting input. But we both longed to stay at one place a bit longer, learn more about the culture, the people and to do something useful. So we had the idea of staying on an organic farm as volunteers.

We‘ve never done WWOOF-ing or workaway before. There are many option in the World Wide Web to find a place to volunteer. We could teach kids, help at a family house, babysit, help at a hostel, help on an organic farm... So we thought an organic farm in China could be a good start to get into volunteering.

Unfortunately we noticed soon, that they are not really doing farming anymore. It‘s more like an educational area for kids to show them how farming works and a touristic attraction for Chinese people who take photos on the farm. So basically there is no big farm business anymore and it’s out of season right now because it’s pretty hot and rainy most of the time. But anyway we had a good time on the farm, let our creativity flow painting some walls, picked some chilli peppers and built a dome. It was also a great experience that we met some local people, spent one evening with the family and their friends and had the chance to try the traditional hot pot of this region.

We stayed for one week and tried to organize to visit another farm. Update will follow soon...:)

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