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Do we dare to ask now?

Exactly one year ago we sat on a beach on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, drinking our first glas of wine in more than 6 months and reflecting on our surreal overland trip from Europe all the way to India and Sri Lanka. We were discussing how we each felt about our journey, our experiences, our challenges and our struggles. We were sharing our wishes for 2020. We were making plans on travelling less and settling in different places in India, maybe going north to Nepal, or even back to Pakistan, because we fell in love with the country. Coming back to Germany was not part of the plan. We all made plans, wishes and resolutions for 2020. Not leaving your home country, meeting friends online instead of face to face, not eating out, no party, no concert, all of that was probably on none of our lists. And still here we are.

One year ago we had collected many questions that just arose while traveling for many months with open eyes through many different countries. We drafted an article and named it „Do we dare to ask?“ In the article we asked, What needs to happen that we ask ourselves these fundamental questions? Little did we know, that a pandemic was about to hit us all and pull us out of our established routines and confront us with overwhelming challenges and circumstances that were provoking many of our questions.

We all have our own pandemic story to tell. And while none of us chose the circumstances we had to deal with this year, we all had and have the choice on how we are reacting to them. We always do. We believe that the article we posted exactly one year ago seems more relevant than ever and we decided to repost it. Maybe it will ignite a positive thought in you or it will bring a smile to your face. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Have a great New Year 2021! Stay happy, healthy and positive!


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