Feel, Trust, Listen, Flow, Let go

As these lines are being written, we just arrived in Liepāja, Latvia on the Baltic coast after a long but successful hitchhiking day.

We´ve been on the road for two weeks now. After a fantastic, memorable and emotional roadtrip to Vienna with my brother Andy and Lisa, a good friend of Mia´s, we started our actual journey at a gas station at the outskirts of Vienna.

After passing through and visiting Bratislava, Budapest, Warsaw and Vilnius – which was a really great city tour as you might have seen on the pictures – we longed for solitude and nature so we decided to spend more time in Lithuania and take advantage of the early summer on the Baltic coast before heading up to Riga.

It´s been quite challenging to realize that we are really doing this – together! That this is really happening. That we indeed left the harbor and set sail, without knowing for how long or where we will moor next.

We followed our hearts, our thoughts became reality and now our minds are challenging us realizing that we didn´t give in to doubt, hesitance or fear. It feels deliberating to see that our words became action.

Now we walk, we feel, we listen, we try to find our flow and we are learning to let go. We´ve left the harbor many times before, always knowing when it would be time to navigate back home again. This time it feels different. It is different. The comforting thought is, no matter how far we go, how many turns we take, we´ll always find our way back. For now though we´re thrilled about the unknown adventure that we let ourselves into. We´re the creators of our own reality. It never felt more true.

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