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The merits of travelling

One year ago we left everything behind

Without a plan but with an ever clear mind.

We wanted to travel east.

We didn´t know for how long.

To release the beast,

That was holding on strong

To our inner doctrines,

Which often cloud our view.

What if it´s not how it seems?

Is the sky really blue?

We travelled more than 20.000 miles,

Collected countless memories

And even more smiles.

A plethora of treasuries

Accumulated in our hearts.

New friendships made,

On our hands a new deck of cards.

Life´s a game that you create.

The merits of traveling

Can´t be expressed with mere words.

It is simply unraveling,

You might call it absurd

When they say life´s a journey

With nothing to be achieved,

Truth is there are turnings

Most often difficult to conceive.

You can plan all you want,

Life´s message is clear:

There´s an invisible bond,

There´s no reason to fear.

When we accept and let go

And see that all is one,

Nature again will flow

And love will have won.

Call me naive

Or whatever you like.

Humans disbelief and grieve

Is the devil´s delight.

When you travel you see

The world´s good and much evil.

But if you simply choose to be

You can face all upheaval.

No matter how bumpy the road,

In the city of Tbilisi,

When you travel you realize

Life´s not meant to be easy.

No matter how heavy the load

you may carry on your back,

with each step you take,

the lighter becomes your pack.

But rest assured the answers you seek

You won´t find in the desert nor in a creek.

When you pause and keep still

And simply change your view

You may realize with a chill:

Everything is in you.

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