Beyond Reason

When you meet a person who triggers something in you, who speaks to a part of you that has been silent for a long time, someone who awakens your

inner voice, someone who embraces your vulnerability, a person who can stop the time at any given moment and make time fly by the next, when you meet

a person that looks beyond the person you think you are and sees everything you are and that you can be…

When you encounter such a person and you're that person for each other, then magic starts to happen - if you let it happen.


Thoughts that you have carried around for months or even years consciously or subconsciously suddenly become words. And once these words are out there, you can't hide anymore, you gave your heart a voice and that voice

demands action, because you know that only actions will shape your new reality. Only then you let the magic unfold itself freely. 


What sounds quite simple, was - and still is - in fact a quite

challenging process, an interplay of euphoria and doubt, confidence and skepticism, restlessness and hesitance. Or in other words, a constant

battle between the silent and soft voice of our hearts and the loud and judging voice in our heads.


But once we made the decision to trust our hearts, our loud judging head voices instantly fell silent.


So, we quit our jobs, moved out of our apartments, got rid of everything

we don´t need and we are packing our bags to travel east, overland without

a clue for how long and where we will end up. There is only one thing

we are sure of: Our decision will affect our lives in ways we can´t possibly fathom at this point.


We are writing this blog for ourselves. We have no clue what it will contain, nor do we have any expectations. It is our diary, a collection of our thoughts, our experiences, a documentation of our adventure in the unknown. It will be everything we want it to be at any given point of our journey. And we are happy to share our story with everyone who cares.

Manu & Mia
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a little weird, sometimes strange, often childish - but full of joy and laughter... at least most of the time... ;)